Pretty Cool New Landsat Satellite Images

The Landsat 8 satellite was launched just over a year ago and has been taking incredible images of Earth.

Image: NASA

The Landsat program, in its 42nd year, was launched by NASA and is operated by the USGS with the goal of recording the state of the Earth’s surface. The longevity of this dataset is unparalleled and has helped us to develop our understanding of our planet.

Landsat 8 is the eighth satellite in the program and is the most capable and technologically advanced of its siblings and it takes some beautiful images.

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Facebook, in numbers

I’m not a huge fan of Facebook, but I appreciate that it is a big deal to some, a source of income to a relative few, and a never-ending distraction for most.

Facebook - Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

So, in honour of Facebook turning 10 this week I present (thanks almost entirely to the Guardian) some interesting facts about the social networking behemoth.


The number of monthly active users, 170 million more than last year.

24 million

The number of Britons who log on to Facebook each day.


The number of ‘likes’ Family Guy has on Facebook.


The total number of employees Facebook has as of December 2013, across 37 offices throughout the world.


Half of all Facebook users have more than 200 friends.


The current Facebook share price.


The age of Mark Zuckerberg, Co-founder, chairman and CEO of Facebook, with a net worth of $19bn as of September 2013, according to Forbes.

Found, National Geographic’s new Tumblr

This week National Geographic unveiled a new Tumblr site completely devoted to showcasing some of the obscure photographs in its extensive archive.

Titled Found, the Tumblr was launched in celebration of the magazine’s 125th anniversary.

Dancing men brandish spears and palm-leaf shields in Fiji, November 1958.Photograph by Luis Marden, National Geographic

As you would expect from National Geographic, the photos published on Found cover all manner of cultures and eras.

The initiative is led by William Bonner, the curator of National Geographic‘s extensive photo archive in Washington, DC. Bonner has spent years rummaging around the magazine’s basement and said he is constantly finding new and fascinating images — many of which had been lost to history.

A Highland cow is bid on at an auction, May 1970.Photograph by Kenneth Macleish, National Geographic

Many of these photos have never been published and are rarely seen by the public,” the publication explains on its Tumblr. “We hope to bring new life to these images by sharing them with audiences far and wide. Their beauty has been lost to the outside world for years and many of the images are missing their original date or location.”

The magazine plans to add more “voices, stories, and artifacts” to Found over the months and years.

A grouper is examined by three kittens at Marineland in Florida, 1938.Photograph by Luis Marden, National Geographic

Paperman, a Pixar Short

I love anything made by Pixar. I have yet to see a bad Pixar film, be it full-length or short. Toy Story was wonderful; Monster Inc was brilliant; Finding Nemo was fantastic; and WALL-E was exquisite.

John Kahrs, one of the animators behind the surprisingly wonderful Tangled and Ratatouille, has made his directorial debut with the hybrid hand-drawn and computer animated short film, Paperman.


Paperman has been nominated for both an Oscar and an Annie Award and the entire short film is available to watch online on YouTube. You should definitely take six-minutes out of your day to watch this lovely little film. I challenge you not to smile. Enjoy!

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Obama’s State of the Union Address 2013

I’ve knocked up a few Wordles for President Obama’s State of the Union address, as well as Marco Rubio’s Republican response. You can also see last year’s address too.

I always find it quite interesting to see what the politicians are really talking about…

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You can watch the entire address here.

Fantastically Creepy Joker GIFs

The artist ABVH has created some expertly-animated GIFs based on a selection of illustrations from the DC Comics’ Death of the Family comic series by Greg Capullo and Patrick Gleason.

The GIFs are incredibly creepy…




ABVH has also made some animations of Banksy’s most famous works. Check ‘em out here,